About me

Jeff Tolle Voice Over Artist.
Reluctant Voice Over Talent
My Voice Preceded me.

Most voice over talent folks say "I have a face for radio" But that's not me. I can pull off the occasional on stage or on-camera appearance and actually get eye contact from my audience. As much as I would love to believe it's my charm, good looks and well selected Hawaiian shirt, it's the voice that makes me, and my message memorable. It's my voice that resonates with your audience.

As a newbie to the paid voice over profession, my work with non-profits and community theater as well as my professional sales experience has well prepared me for the voice over stage. I'm extremely flexible, accessable and easy to work with: my ego is not fragile and has not been inflated.

I was born for voice over. Ever since I was 15 and successfully called my high school attendance desk in the role of "my father", I knew I had a gift worth sharing. For three decades, my family friends, neighbors - even professional thespians and drive through jockeys have all urged me to enter the voice over arena. But first, I had to prove that I could run away with a rock band. (working with the Talking Heads on the stage crew) and sell anything and everything successfully for a living. While I stayed fresh and honed my acting and presentation Skills at a variety of venues, it's time too return to my calling.
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